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by the Board of Directors of
Achim Development LLC
Minutes № 02/2020 of 14 February 2020
Brought into effect
by the Order of Achim Development LLC
№ 42 of 06 March 2020



Achim Development LLC (hereinafter the Company) as an organization with a large scale and technologically complex production lays special emphasis on environmental protection.

Environmental policy of Achim Development LLC (hereinafter the Policy) is based on the Constitution of the Russian Federation, federal laws and other regulatory legal acts of the Russian Federation, international standards on environmental protection and rational use of natural resources.

The strategic goal of the Company Policy is to achieve sustainable development while minimizing the negative impact, using natural resources rationally and with a careful attitude to environment.

The environmental policy is subject to adjustment and revision when the Company's operating conditions and priorities change.


The following guidelines establish basic principles for defining the company's environmental safety objectives:

2.1.   Environmental protection is an integral part of the development process of the Company and cannot be considered separately.

2.2.   Protection and rational use of natural resources is a necessary condition for ensuring a supportive environment and environmental safety.

2.3.   The natural, social and economic characteristics of the territory are considered during the design and implementation stage of the economic and other activities of the Company.


The main objectives of the Company are:

3.1.   Prevention and minimization of negative impact on the environment in the area of the Company's production facilities.

3.2.   Ensuring environmental safety of the construction and operation of hydrocarbon production and transportation facilities.


Guided by the above guidelines and objectives, the Company undertakes the following obligations:

4.1.   Identify, assess and minimize risks to the environment at all stages of production and economic activities, also when designing the development projectes of the Company.

4.2.   Operate in strict compliance with the requirements of the environmental legislation of the Russian Federation, international standards and environmental regulations of the Company.

4.3.   Minimize risks of negative impact on the environment at all stages of implementation of investment projects.

4.4.   Communicate the obligations of the Environmental Policy to all persons working for or on behalf of the Company, including Contractors working at the facilities.

4.5.   Take actions to prevent negative effects, which means the priority of preventive measures over measures to eliminate the consequences of such impact.

4.6.   Respect the interests and rights of indigenous peoples of the Far North to maintain their traditional way of life and preserve their native habitat.

4.7.   Provide the necessary personnel, financial and logistical resources to implement this Policy.

4.8.   Ensure the involvement of the Company's employees in activities aimed at reducing environmental risks and improving the environmental performance.

4.9.   Guarantee open access to this Policy, as well as to meaningful information about the Company 's environmental protection activities for each employee of the Company and interested parties.

4.10. Ensure the organization and improvement of the system of professional and environmental training of the Company's employees.

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