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Brought into effect
by the Order of Achim Development LLC
№ 15 of 03 February 2020
as part of Regulations on the Occupational Safety and
Health Management System in Achim Development LLC
approved by the Board of Directors
Achim Development LLC
Minutes № 20/2019 of 13 December 2019


1. Achim Development LLC is fully aware of its responsibility to create safe working conditions. The company recognizes the priority of life and health of the employees in relation to the results of production activities.

2. The main goals of the occupational safety are:

creating safe working conditions;
preserving life and health of the employees;
fire safety.

3. The goals are achieved by preventing accidents, occupational diseases and fires based on:

identification of hazards;
assessment and management of health risks;
increasing the competence of employees and their involvement in the OSHMS.

4. To achieve the stated goals Achim Development LLC makes the following commitments:

complying with the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation, international standards, internal documents in the field of labor protection;

conducting works to prevent accidents and incidents, injuries and occupational diseases in the course of labor activity of employees of the company and counterparties;

minimizing the risk of fires and ignitions;

ensuring effective functioning and continuous improvement of the Occupational Safety and Health Management System, including developing a culture of occupational safety in Society;

carrying out hazard identification and risk assessment in accordance with the requirements of labor protection to prevent injuries, deterioration of workers' health, damage to equipment and property;

providing modern special clothing, special footwear, personal protective equipment in accordance with working conditions, guaranteeing the protection of workers;

engaging workers to actively participate in activities aimed at preserving health, improving working conditions and safety, awareness of their own safety and the safety of people around;

prompting from the contractors to comply with Occupational Safety and Health requirements, securing the corresponding obligations in the contracts;

providing the necessary human resources, financial and logistical resources to implement the Occupational Safety and Health policy.

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